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Equity Release Community understand that even though you are approaching or in retirement, life is too short, you are still young and have a number of years to enjoy. Our mission is to help you achieve what you have always wanted to do in a thoughtful, sensible and responsible way. 
"House rich, cash poor?" 
Equity release explained, fairly and responsibly. 
Equity release is not for everyone. We will make sure that the advice you receive is in accordance with FCA regulation and in accordance with the Equity Release Council. We will not try to convince you to do something you are not comfortable with or do not understand. We will make sure that the advice given to you is both ethical and responsible. 
Previously, with Equity Release when it was a brand new concept, there was always a risk that individuals could end up owing more than the value of their house. Thanks to various new regulations this is now avoided. Our partners are members of the Equity Release Council and have a no negative equity guarantee. The government has now voiced support on numerous occasions citing equity release as a viable option when it comes to house financing (27th September 2017). 
Why release equity from your house? 
Most homeowners wait until they die and leave a house in a will to friends or family. It is great that family or friends benefit from your will, however, more and more homeowners are taking the view that they would rather help those closest to them whilst they are living and get fulfillment in seeing them enjoy it. Others are also concerned that friends and family are "waiting for them to die" before enjoying the inheritance due to them. One of the most common uses for money received from equity release is to help their loved ones get onto the property ladder. Getting onto the property ladder is proving more difficult year after year without help from parents or grandparents. It is very powerful seeing your nearest and dearest seeing an improvement in their lifestyle. We are also finding that people just want to enjoy life whilst they still can, take holidays, experience new cars and buy presents for loved ones. 
Is this for me? 
Quite simply we do not know at this stage. Click on our equity release calculator which will only take a minute, we will then contact you and have an informal chat. Remember, we promise no high-pressure sales tactics. 
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